Best dog food for puppies

If you’ve got a young dog in your household and looking for the best dog food for puppies, then you’ll want to provide them with the best puppy food to suit their dietary requirements.


For pet owners that also have older canines in the home and looking for the best dog food for puppies, it can be tempting to research the best dog food for your budget and then dip into the same bag for both. However, as puppies burn twice the number of calories as adult dogs.  It’s best to opt for a good balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water.


Taking away the guess work and trying to create your own diet, puppies foods are created to provide the correct dietary balance.

So what works well? As you can imagine there’s no one-brand-fits-all when it comes to puppy food and much depends on your dog. Larger breeds need fewer calories when compared to smaller breeds. That is why you will find puppy food formulas always tell you which dog they’re most suited for on the front of their packets.


Best Dog Food For Puppies

Specialties Of Dog Food :

In general, the best puppy food will contain natural ingredients and high levels of protein. Which is essential for dogs with a high activity level. It’s also a key factor in skeletal and muscle development. Look for food with dog-specific probiotics as well. These develop a balance of intestinal bacteria. They’ll boost both the immune and digestive systems.

So long as you don’t overfeed your puppy (reduce the number of mealtimes as they get older), your dog will feel happy and well all the way into adulthood.


Don’t be afraid of supplementing their main meals with a few of the best puppy treats as well, though. Such treats are great during training and they encourage fussy puppies to eat.


Best Dog Food For Puppies

Selection Of The Best Puppy Food :

Here’s a selection of the best puppy food for you to consider:

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Best overall puppy food: IAMS for Vitality Puppy & Junior Small & Medium Dog

Budget puppy food: Wagg Complete Puppy Food with Chicken

Dry puppy food: Eukanuba Dry Puppy Food

Wet puppy food: Royal Canine Puppy Food in Gravy

Sensitive stomachs food : Burgess Sensitive Hypoallergenic Puppy Food

Natural puppy food: Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Recipe

Best large breed puppy food: Wellness CORE Grain-Free Puppy


Best Dog Food For Puppies

Puppy Food By Weight :

AMS for Vitality Puppy & Junior Small & Medium Dog – Chicken is a specially formulated dry food that contains 85% animal protein, which is vital for the growth and brain development of your puppy. It help to strengthen their bones and immune system. It maintain a healthy digestive system, and support a glossy coat and healthy skin and it makes the healthy skin and it is the best dog food for puppies.


Also, if your puppy is classed as being a small or medium breed, with an expected adult body weight of up to 25kg, then this food would be suitable to continue with after their puppy stage too.


“I bought this product back in January 2020 when I adopted a rescue from Cyprus with bowed legs and suffering from malnutrition.  I have had him for four months now and the progress is amazing. Although he has bowed legs which he’ll suffer from due to his bad start in life, they have straightened out a lot with the vitamin D supplement in this food. I would 100% recommend this food to anyone who may have a puppy suffering from malnutrition or growth issues” claimed one dog owner.


Best Dog Food For Puppies

Feeding Guidance:

Several customers have commented on finding the feeding guide confusing. “I cannot understand why the amounts decrease as the puppy grows older,” explained a dog owner called Annabel. With puppies, it’s important to feed them little and often. It is commonly the case that puppies will have more energy during this stage in their lives, so require more fuel  to keep them going.



From two to three months old, this decreases to 4 meals a day; between four and six months, it reduces further to two to three meals a day; before finally decreasing to two meals a day once over six months old (of course, this is all dependent on breed but this is the general advice).


With 44 servings per 12kg bag (on average), Wagg Complete Puppy Food with Chicken is considered to be one of the best puppy foods to buy whilst on a budget. This brand is suitable for puppies more than four weeks old and, although it is dry food, can be mixed with small amounts of warm water to transform it into easy-to-digest wet food.


It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which are important for the overall health of any puppy. It also includes a probiotic called MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides), which tend to occur naturally in some fruits and vegetables, and assist with keeping your puppy’s digestive system healthy.


Best Dog Food For Puppies

Suitability :

“My dog’s coat is super shiny, teeth look white, has lots of energy, and is a very healthy, happy puppy. Excellent value for money” claimed a happy customer.

It is suitable for all puppy breeds. Some have spotted in positive reviews include Labradors, German shepherds, and spaniels.


Protein is one of the essential elements in a puppy’s diet.  Meat and animal derivatives are added during its manufacturing. So it is unconfirmed as to the type of meat used, with only 4% of that figure being chicken. The main ingredient is cereal – a “filler” . Some customers have shown concern over this, that is cause some puppies to experience upset stomachs

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