VIPs Who Are Obsessed With Their Cats

Murmur fact pets! Taylor Swift, Kate Beckinsale, and a greater amount of Hollywood’s greatest stars have one genuine fixation on their textured cat companions.

The “Sweetheart” vocalist has never been modest about her affection for her pets, Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson, named after a portion of her #1 anecdotal characters. While talking with TIME in April 2019, the Grammy champ conceded that the “most powerful factor” in her life is her cuddly little cats. “I have felines. I’m fixated on them,” she said at that point. “They’re simply a genuine euphoria to live with. I love my felines such a lot that when a job came up in a film called Cats, I just idea, ‘I must do this.'”

In spite of the fact that the 2019 film transformation of the well known Broadway melodic didn’t make a significant sprinkle with watchers, Swift prodded that chipping away at the film was her “reason for living” and said she seized the chance to realize “how to be as similar as a feline as possible” with her costars.

Sometime thereafter, the Nashville local opened up about how she came to receive her third feline, Benjamin Button, on the arrangement of a music video. “[They] gave me this minuscule feline and he simply begins murmuring and … he sees me like, ‘You’re my mother, and we’re going to live respectively.’ I became hopelessly enamored. I took a gander at Brendon [Urie] and he resembles, ‘You will get the feline aren’t you?'” she said during an Instagram Live.

In spite of their past “Animosity,” Swift’s fixation on little cats is one thing she shares for all intents and purpose with individual feline sweetheart Katy Perry. The “I Kissed a Girl” vocalist affirmed in April that her dear pet Kitty Purry had died.

“Kitty Purry crept through my then sweethearts window 15 years prior, completely pregnant and looking for cover,” Perry composed by means of Instagram at that point. “Kitty, much obliged for the nestles and friendship en route. Enormous because of my sibling David and @garethwalters for being extraordinary co-guardians. #kittypurryforever.”

Look down to see more celebs who go off the deep end for their little cats.


Katy Perry

“Paradise is a put on earth,” the “Thunder” vocalist inscribed an Instagram post in 2014. After six years, she grieved the deficiency of her dearest pet, Kitty Purry. “Tragically, Kitty finished her ninth life the previous evening,” Perry wrote in April 2020. “I trust she rests in salmon filets and fish tartare far up in catnip paradise. Kitty, a debt of gratitude is in order for the nestles and friendship en route. Huge because of my sibling David and @garethwalters for being incredible co-guardians 💔 #kittypurryforever.”

Martha Stewart

“Princess peony and sovereign tang are going mix psycho,” the way of life master composed by means of Instagram in April 2020 as her textured companions changed in accordance with their swarmed Covid isolate house. “There are individuals everywhere, in particular me and Ryan, who generally are not here constantly. I’m being followed. Cajoled. Bothered. Yowled at. Smacked at!! Goodness my! Everything I can say is heartbroken.”

Isla Fischer

The Tag entertainer shared this shot of her dark-striped feline in August 2018, one after quite a while after National Dog Day, commenting that felines “merit” their own day since they “were adorned in Ancient Egypt” and “cleaner than canines.”



Kate Beckinsale

The Van Helsing star’s crotchety cat companions, Clive and Willow, have gotten everyone’s attention in innumerable online media posts — particularly during the Covid pandemic in the spring of 2020.

Alison Brie

The Community alum’s better half, Dave Franco, was diminished to find that Brie was as a very remarkable feline darling as he was before they got married in March 2017. “She was actually the solitary choice [for marriage],” the 21 Jump Street entertainer prodded during a September 2017 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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